SILVER Membership FAQ


How do I become a SILVER member?

We thought you’d never ask! You can purchase a SILVER membership, or upgrade for free if you qualify, at any participating PLAY store. Just fork over $10 (a small price to pay for all the stuff you get) and you’re in!


Do I need to show my membership card at checkout?

Currently, until our new cards are ready, you can use your ID instead. Alternatively, you can give your phone number or full name to an associate and they’ll look up and verify your identity.


Why do you need my email address?

Chillax. We won’t be spamming you. And we don’t sell email addresses either. We need a valid email address to be able to verify your information in the store and to deliver SILVER Rewards news, exclusive offers, invitations and more.


How do I cancel my membership?

What, are you nuts? We can’t imagine why you’d want to cancel a SILVER membership that gives you all this stuff. But you can at any time by notifying any of our associates. All points on your account will be forfeited. No refunds will be given if any of the membership benefits were used during the term.


If my SILVER membership expires, will I still remain as a Silver member? What happens to my points?

Affirmative. If you let your SILVER membership lapse, your account will be downgraded and eventually deleted. And you won’t be getting all the bonuses anymore. But, don’t sweat it, all you need to do is shop at PLAY once every 12 months to keep your membership active. How hard could that be?


How many points do I get for purchases?

That’s an easy one. When you make a purchase at a participating PLAY store, as a SILVER member you’ll automatically score points for every $1 spent. This little list breaks it down:

  • 2 points will be accumulated for every dollar spent in the categories of systems and consoles, new games, memory and all value based or digital cards
  • 3 points will be accumulated for every dollar spent in the categories of pre-played games, accessories and used systems or consoles
  • 5 points will be accumulated for every dollar spent in the categories of parts and services
  • Select other products including PLAY gift cards and special orders may, at any or all times, accumulate lower or zero point values at PLAY’s sole discretion.
  • Selected products may, at times designated by PLAY, accumulate bonus points which may be double or triple the normal point value
  • At this time, members will not accumulate points for trade-in credit.



Are there any other benefits?

You betcha. How about a $5 or $10 discount off every game you purchase? We’re not done. How about a birthday present of 1000 points every year? Plus little extras like returns or exchanges without a receipt, double warranty on new system purchases and bonus points for specials for Silver members only.


How long does it take for points to post to my account?

They won’t be sitting around collecting dust. Points will make their way into your account immediately after any purchase in the PLAY store.


Do I score points on the value of my purchase when I redeem my points?

That would be… no. You do not score points for the amount of any reward certificates redeemed or discounts applied, nor for any amount tendered to a PLAY gift card (or other ineligible tender)


What happens if I don’t show my membership card or mention that I’m a SILVER member when I make a purchase?

You’re immediately taken hostage and forced to listen to Yanni CDs. OK, we made that up. Just contact us within 30 days of your purchase… and have your receipt handy. We will credit eligible points to your account.


What happens to the points scored on items I returned to the store?

Oh come on! There’s no free ride! Points scored for any items returned to the store are definitely deducted from your account


Do my points ever expire?

Yes, they can if you let them. If there is no account activity posted to your account for one year (12 consecutive months), the account is subject to closure and eventually termination, including forfeiture of all accrued points. “Activity” is defined as making a purchase or a trade at PLAY or


Can I transfer my points to another member’s account?

Aww… how thoughtful of you to want to give your points away to a needy friend. But, you can’t. Points are not transferable and may not be combined among Silver members.


How do I redeem my points?

It’s easy. Points can be redeemed for reward certificates of $5 (500 points), $10 (1000 points), $20 (2000 points) or $50 (5000 points). These are used to pay for items purchased. Maximum redemption is up to 50% of the value of any item storewide. Just let the cashier know you will be redeeming your points and it’s done. Remember, you don’t earn points on items that are paid for with points so we recommend redeeming your points only when you can use them for the full 50%.


How often will I receive account updates?

Not so often that your head will explode. It’s more like periodic electronic activity statements. Every three months or so we will send out an activity statement to your email address. Soon, you will be able to check out your account anytime you wish by logging into our website


Is there any reason I should not become a Silver member?

Yes. If you’re having a mental breakdown then it makes sense. Otherwise, no. It’s a no brainer. Join now!